Cizhou vase, size M


We were lucky enough to acquire this collection of 13th-14th century Cizhou jars (Yuan period).

Cizhou ceramics are a variety of stoneware with decoration elements incised on them and then painted brown. They are white glazed at the final step but over time some of them become matte.

The decoration elements often represent floral themes, but also fish, birds and sometimes even landscapes with various human figures. This design is never repeated making each of them absolutely unique.

The indicated dimensions are approximate, colour variation is also possible.

Send us your preferences in the comments when confirming your order (gloss or matte patina, maximum height, as sober design as possible or with lots of drawings). We will choose the best one in stock for you.

  • Weight : 0,00 kg
  • Dimensions : 30 x 30 x 60 cm
  • Period :

    14th C

  • Origin :


  • Collection :


  • Material :

    Enamelled sandstone

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