Round old stool


Each stool is a witness to its own history and bears the marks of its previous lives. Similar, but never identical, unique and always authentic, our stools will find a place in every room of your home. As a seat, of course, but also as a bedside, bed-end, or in a bathroom to put your towels.

We will choose a stool for you, however there are no two identical stools in stock. While confirming your order, you can send us your preferences : light or dark wood, smooth or textured top … We will do our best to choose according to your criteria.

There may be slight difference in size.

  • Weight : 0,00 kg
  • Dimensions : 30 x 30 x 51 cm
  • Period :

    19th C

  • Origin :


  • Collection :


  • Material :

    Raw elm

In stock

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