Our materials are wrinkled with travel, nature, light and … life.
Timeless wabi-sabi of imperfect beauty.
Interior poetry bearing the stamp of an Atmosphère d’Ailleurs.


The Art of living according to Atmosphère d’Ailleurs embodies itself in our furniture.

At the antipodes of mass consumption, the “fake old” or the ostentatious our furniture is sober, timeless, trendless.

We favour the texture of natural timbers (Nature collection) the beauty of the patinas (Wabi-sabi spirit), the elegance of the proportions, the ancestral know-how (charred wood), or the rarity of exceptional pieces.

Each highly curated piece undergoes some twenty odd purchasing criteria, and is then meticulously restored.

At Atmosphère d'Ailleurs , you do not buy a consumer good. You enhance your heritage.

Seating collection

The Chinese chairs reveal feats of cabinetry and often have a surprisingly modern design. Look at these horseshoe chairs: their arms and back are made of a single piece of wood curved in a semicircle, their vertical uprights assembled like a frame. These 19th century armchairs, very graphic, are incredibly strong and light.

The official’s hat chairs and armchairs, which are of a more dignified stature, acquire when on their own, a very decorative, almost sculptural dimension.
The stools, available in various shapes and dimensions, will surprise you with their multiple uses throughout all the rooms of your home.


Mix, compose, juxtapose…

Our objects from around the world defy time and fashion… They are the source of long-time dreams and motionless journeys… The house vibrates under the spell of a multicultural influence.

This crossbreeding, witness to your creativity, will bring an extra soul to your interior.

Lighting Collection

Our lighting collections are the result of an encounter between the ancestral know-how of Indian, Indonesian, Afghan or Moroccan craftsmen and the creative talent of designers with whom we collaborate. At the opposite end of the spectrum from the mass market and the industrial, social and human corollaries it induces in China, India or elsewhere, it is important to us to perpetuate this craft and to maintain family workshops in regions where there is hardly any other source of work. Moreover, the handmade aspect makes each lamp unique.

With each order and by valuing this craft with your customers, you will contribute to this ethical approach.