These cabinets with their countless drawers contained the plants necessary for the practice of traditional Chinese medicine.
This complex pharmacopoeia uses about 3000 substances, of which more than 300 are of daily use. Hence the labels and the partitioning of the drawers, which allow for meticulous sorting.

Among my purchasing criteria, the nobility of the proportions, the beauty of the patina and the general condition are enough to considerably reduce the number of pieces of furniture likely to be included in my selection.
But another one requires all my attention: it is the authenticity of each of the labels and the quality of their calligraphy: it must be dense and fluid, structured by loops and ligatures which confer as much elegance as character.

Observe these labels … little by little you will perceive their precision, their pictorial and artistic richness.
The front of your apothecary’s cabinet becomes a work of art… It will enchant your daily life.

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