To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Atmosphère d’Ailleurs, we needed to find an object with a strong story, likely to make people dream, spark their desires and curiosity. When he finally found a set of antique Ming porcelain bowls discovered by the famous underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio in 1997 off Borneo, Thierry Grundman fulfilled an old dream. The ceramics for sale in our showroom come from a Chinese junk which sank in the 16th century off Borneo.

Our collection of underwater archeology includes several hundred pieces : jars and vases, bowls, plates, oil jugs, porcelaine cups and pots… They mark out the major maritime routes of merchant ships, but their geographical distribution extends well beyond traditional ports due to their frequent re-use.

The marks of their long underwater journey are present on each piece making it completely singular : shells, corals, concretions… Some of them evoke a strong sculptural dimension – here are true collector’s pieces.

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